Road to Baja

ちょい季節外れですが BAJAのドキュメンタリー動画を......

“Dust to Glory” に触発されて Baja1000 に出場したアマチュアライダーチーム 301x のドキュメンタリーフィルム “Road to Baja” を...。このフィルム自体は昨年11月の日付でアップされていたものですが、2008年に出場した際に撮影したものを編集したようです。(結果はクラス6位、Ave : 31.7mph)


Episode 1
It was late 2008 when Radek Burkat and Andrew Krynen decided to run the legendary Baja 1000, a spontaneous idea conceived after watching Dana Brown's “Dust to Glory”. Andrew, with little more than a few enduro races in his pocket, and Radek, who had only crossed into moto from down hill mountain biking just a short year and a half earlier, saw the race as one of those notches in life's belt ? something that you just have to go out and do.

Episode 2
Radek wasn't exactly comfortable with the predicament he was in. He was out practicing by pre-running his last 200 mile leg of the race. It was cold, getting dark and the fog was rolling in on the west coast of of the Baja south of Ensenada. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem ? except he had no jacket, his GPS had bounced out of it's mount and was laying somewhere out in the desert, and oh yeah, the bike had no lights.

Episode 3
I was pulled over at the side of a dirt road in “downtown” Ojos Negros, townsfolk wandered past my door in the darkness as a gaggle of M-16 armed soldiers stood on the dimly lit street corner. I was just taking in the weird scene, observing a bizarre mix of people; some were just hanging around while others seemed to be walking with no particular destination in mind ? I'm sure that I stood out and must of looked like I was parked there waiting for trouble. My drifting train of thought was interrupted as the satellite phone came to life with a green glow and an electronic warble.;background-repeat : repeat-x; padding-top : 5px;padding-left : 5px;padding-right : 5px;padding-bottom : 5px;line-height : 1.4em;">Baja...